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Provider Specific Resources

While Fog strives to provide a generalized abstraction to the Cloud, sometimes this cannot be accomplished due to specific differences in each cloud implementation. This page provides links to provider specific documentation and examples to help you get past these issues.

Community supported providers can get assistance by filing Github Issues on the appropriate repository. Vendor supported providers also have the option contacting the cloud provider.

In order to maximize the benefits of open source, you are encouraged submit bugs to Github Issues regardless of the support option.

Provider Documentation Examples Support Type Support Address
AWS Community
Atmos Community
BareMetalCloud Community
Bluebox Community
Brightbox Documentation Vendor
Clodo Community
CloudAtCost Documentation Vendor
CloudSigma Documentation Vendor
Cloudstack Community
DigitalOcean Community
DNSMadeEasy Community
DNSimple Community
Dreamhost Documentation Community
Dynect Community
Ecloud Community
Glesys Community
GoGrid Community
Google Documentation Examples Community
HP HP Cloud has been decommissioned and removed as of March 1, 2016. None
IBM Community
InternetArchive Community
Joyent Community
Libvirt Documentation Community
Linode Community
Local Community
Ninefold Community
OpenNebula Documentation Community
OpenStack Documentation Examples Community
OpenVZ Community
Ovirt Community
Packet Documentation Vendor
Proxmox Documentation Examples Community
Rackspace Documentation Examples Vendor
Rage4 Community
RiakCS Community
Sakura no Cloud Documentation Community
Serverlove Community
SoftLayer Examples Vendor
StormOnDemand Community
Vcloud Examples Community
VcloudDirector Documentation Community
Vmfusion Community
Voxel Community
Vsphere Community
XenServer Documentation Community
Zerigo Community